SEO optimized landing pages, at large scale.

Boost your long-tail traffic and get more sales.

Large scale SEO-friendly landing page generation.

Why do I need ploui?

1) If you think you achieved your full potential in search engines traffic.
2) If you think it’s too hard to rank for the queries in your industry.
3) If your IT team doesn’t have the time or resources to create a compelling long-tail strategy.
4) If you feel landing page creation software is too expensive.
Ploui can help you increase the number of visitors your receive from search engines.
Sites that have implemented Ploui saw increases of 50% in clicks from search engines after just 2 months.

How do you do it?

1) We connect to your product inventory using a xml feed. 
2) Then, our algorithm looks for long-tail search queries ranking opportunities.
3) If there’s a match (opportunity + inventory), Ploui creates a SEO-friendly product listing page specifically targeted to those long-term queries. 
4) Ploui repeat this process automatically hundreds of times discovering new ranking opportunities at large scale.

Success Case

+47% organic traffic in 2 months
Company: Avantrip (online travel agency based in Argentina)
Total period of the trial: 6 months

Avantrip is an online travel agency based in Argentina. They implemented Ploui solution with great success, increasing their organic traffic 47% in only 2 months.

In a nutshell.

Large scale SEO-friendly landing page generation targeted at high conversion and low competition search terms that capture tons of incremental traffic.

Benefits from choosing Ploui

The power of large scale SEO-friendly landing page generation.


100% SEO-friendly

Our landing pages are created following technical SEO best practices: minified and optimized HTML, CSS and JS and improved page load times. Furthermore, we research actual indexation possibilities to stay safe and avoid any kind of penalties from Google.


ROI reporting

We track the economic value of the traffic generated by our landing pages and report all the pertinent information in a beautifully designed dashboard with your website specific metrics.


Improved conversion rates

Themes in the Mobirise website builder offer multiple blocks: intros, sliders, galleries, forms, articles, and so on. Start a project and click on the red plus buttons to see the blocks available for your theme.


Smart Interlinking

Our system analyzes organic traffic potential for each search query and through machine learning it generates personalized internal links to improve ranking opportunities.


Helps Google Ads DSA Campaigns

New landing pages generated by Ploui are indexed by Google providing new keyword variations in Dynamic Search Ads campaigns.


We automatically integrate with +20 e-Commerce platforms.

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We rely on Amazon’s AWS infrastructure so we are as safe as Amazon can be. Your database and our servers aren’t made public to users. Furthermore, Ploui landing pages are served up as static code.

We only charge for the incremental traffic we get to your site. The price is half of what Google Ads charges for that keyword.

We move quickly; the onboarding process takes no more than a day.

Absolutely. You are in charge of the spend. You tell us your budget and we create the adequate number of landing pages to accomplish your goals.

No. If you already rank for an existing search query in the top 10 results and you are receiving organic traffic we do not target that query.

No. We analyze your current indexing status in order to create the right amount of landing pages in the correct time frame.


Say hi.


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Ploui is a startup that helps e-commerce sites across the world with their SEO efforts integrating data, technology and human capital to increase sales and marketing profitability.

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